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     Many media encounters are
    with specialist business/trade

     We focus on your real-world
    media training needs

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Make sure they remember.

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Our approach

The vast majority of media encounters are with specialist business journalists. We therefore always focus on your specific business needs.

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Our experience

We have more than 30 years' experience in award-winning business-to-business journalism, video presenting and media training.

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Tailored training

Our courses are tailored to your precise requirements – whether it's a product launch, industry event, press conference or one-to-one interview.

Why communicate?

Why engage with the media?  It's not mandatory to talk to journalists and if more people said 'No comment' or at least thought before they spoke the world would probably be a better place – or at least less misunderstood!

But what if a media-savvy competitor convinces the press that its products, services or business are better than yours (even if they aren't) simply by talking to journalists while you stay silent?  What if they also plant their company flag on the moral high ground of industry debate and 'Thought Leadership' leaving you to wonder how it is that everyone is talking about them, and not you?

The reality, of course, is that most businesses can benefit from talking to the media, not least as a conduit to spread messages about new products, services, and activities as well as changes to corporate structure.  You might also want to reassure customers that you've taken swift action to deal with a particular issue.  Or perhaps raise awareness of forthcoming legislation and its likely impact on your customers' operations – and how you can help them adapt to the changes.  So, what's your plan?

All too often companies overlook how the media can help deliver positive messages on their behalf.  Media training is about learning how to grasp these opportunities and getting the most out of the time spent with a journalist.  It can also provide valuable lessons on how to get over messages more effectively and avoid the pitfalls of dealing with the press, minimizing the fallout when things go wrong.

While face-to-face training is always desirable social distancing isn't an issue, as all our media training courses can be conducted online (see Courses).

Brian Weatherley - media trainerWith more than 30 years' experience in business journalism, Brian Weatherley (pictured ) can provide bespoke media training for senior managers and executives within corporations and institutions of every size – with special emphasis on preparing for media encounters with business journalists, as well as the specialist or trade press.