B2B Media Training undertakes training courses for individuals or groups of up to five at a time


How our courses work...

Before starting any training we'll first talk with you about your business and your PR/marketing strategies to examine what you expect to achieve from a media encounter. We'll also explore any issues with the press that you may have experienced in the past. In most cases we find the number one objective of trainees is to develop the confidence needed to handle media interviews effectively.

From these discussions we'll tailor our training to your needs – whether it's in preparation for a specific product launch, industry event or a planned press conference (see also Approach).  Our courses can be constructed in a variety of ways to suit every client, but take three basic forms:

  •  Option 1 – Group sessions face-to-face for up-to five people (course duration approximately five hours).
  •  Option 2 – Individually tailored 'one-to-one' training, again face-to-face (course duration approximately four hours).
  •  Option 3 – Options 1 or 2 conducted online using Microsoft Teams (course duration approximately three hours with screen breaks).

All formats include core elements such as examining your media marketplace, the need to have clear messages before an encounter, the must have elements when constructing a story, the need for forward preparation, toolbox tips for more effective message delivery, the value of 'Thought Leadership' to create more coverage on your business, before finishing with dummy interviews which are observed and critiqued.

Trainees take away our '10 Golden rules of dealing with the media' guideTrainees also take away our '10 Golden rules of dealing with the media' guide – a checklist for keeping close to hand for when a journalist calls. We can also provide MPEG audio files of your dummy interviews, which can be replayed at leisure to practice and improve your responses to likely questions.

With our strong emphasis on media analysis, advanced preparation and practice, we believe trainees of every level of experience and seniority will find B2B Media Training's courses of value – not only in encounters with the media, but also in general business presentations.


B2B Media Training’s media training course has been certified by the CPD Certification Service as conforming to continuing professional development principles (certificate A009805).  Trainees completing the course can claim CPD hours and will receive a confirmation delegate certificate.

Training is key to a successful encounter with the media

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