Our approach

B2B Media Training takes a focussed approach to media training


What we do... and don't do

Training session with cameraThere are plenty of media training practitioners who sit their trainees down in front of a video camera – as if they're about to appear on a cutting-edge current affairs TV programme or the 24-hour news.

That's not us.

While our training courses cover all types of media – TV, radio, digital and print – the vast majority of media encounters that most senior executives can expect to face will be with specialist business and industrial journalists working for newspapers, magazines and websites.

In short you'll be talking to reporters and editors who want specific information about your company or organisation and its activities to relay back to their audiences. So that's what you can expect from us... focused media training for a segmented media landscape.
B2B Media Training will coach you to prepare for the following scenarios:
  •  The face-to-face, planned interview. This is the classic one-on-one encounter with a specialist or business journalist, and can take place on your home turf or at an industry event.
  •  The ad hoc meeting with the trade or business press – for example at a product launch, press conference, show or exhibition.
  •  Local and regional media (newspapers and radio/TV) – an opportunity to build relationships with your local communities.
  •  The live (via ISDN line) interview with radio reporters and business correspondents.
  •  The live (on screen) interview via Teams, Skype or Zoom.
  •  Social media management – how Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. can be pressed into service to get your message across.